Business after Retirement: Clinical Technology


Warwick Lightbourne: The man can inevitably be called as a true sportsman. Apart from being an athlete himself, his passion and desire would see a good number of athletes and sportsmen getting advanced treatment. Working on his side business Clinical Technology,  he works to develop health and sports medicine products for patients seeking treatment for a wide range of musculature conditions.He was a injury and training consultant with the Kenyan Olympics Team in Barcelona. His Son Tim, has been a constant source of inculcating innovation in him. The firm is seeing a spurt, with the products getting a huge amount of recognition as well as revenue.

Warwick started this business in 1999. Tim, a paid consultant with the company, urged him to continue discovering new products and advised him to hire sales-only reps to introduce the creams into pharmacies. Their company sells 42 Thermastrap and Elastastrap support products and three creams. Warwick has been focusing to introduce the products for hips, shoulders, knees and ankles. Clinical Technology made a licensing deal with Mayne Pharma, to produce and distribute the Percutane creams throughout Australia. This really gave the company some moral as well as economic boost for the years to come. Warwick and his wife Kathy have still been working, ridiculing the octogenarian working stigma. When preposterously asked whether they would indulge in any kind of joint venture, he says: “Surely, I’ll give you a share and help you grow your business”.


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